Deemed the most touristic of our 115 islands, Praslin offers the tourist’s dream holiday! Just 36 km from Mahé, with air shuttles and luxurious high speed ferries you can find yourself in Paradise in no time. Yes, Praslin with its famous Coco-de-Mer growing wild in the renowned, lush Vallée d Mai, has been named the original Garden of Eden. Côte d’Or Footprints is a familyowned establishment located right on Côte d’Or Beach.  Historically, the official name of this beach is Anse Volbert, named after Auguste VAULBERT, one of the first French settlers of the area. The name Côte d’Or was given to this estate by its original owner, Charles JOUANIS, grand-father to the present owners.

The island also features truly exquisite beaches such as Anse Lazio and Anse Georgette, both appearing on the top 10 list of worlds best beaches.