La Digue

Surrounded by coral reef, the island has no natural harbor, but it is served by a jetty where boats from Mahe and Praslin land their visitors by the thousands every year. There are few cars and motorized vehicles on La digue and the main means of transport is by bicycle or ox carts. Bicycles are therefore the best way for clients to see the island in all its glory.

Nid Aigle (Eagles nest) is the highest point on La digue, rising to 333 metres above sea level, despite being quite a small hike uphill, the sacrifice is worth it for as one reaches the top, one is taken aback by the panoramic views of the nearby islands as Praslin, Curieuse, Felicite, Grande Soeur, Petite Soeur, Marianne, Coco, Fregate and Aride can all be seen clearly.

A swim in the waters of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Anse Source D’Argent, is quite deserving after a days expedition around the island, one of the delights of wandering along the beach is the many shells that can be admired. Admiring and taking photographs of the specimens are allowed but it is strictly forbidden to collect them.